I am feeling a little flat today.  I should be feeling full of life and happy.  We just found out the Pecan (who will be our fourth for those that don’t know) will be a girl.  The Peanut will be VERY happy!  I am happy about that, more because it really limits the choices my wife has for names.   We have always had a very HARD time agreeing on a name, and I am sure that this time will be no different.  For now, Pecan seems like a good name.

Back to my flatness though.  When I went to leave work last night, my motorcycle had a flat tire.  I was fortunate enough that someone at work had a truck, and was willing to drive me (and the bike home).   I looked this morning and it is still flat!  Bummer.  The tire fairy didn’t come in the night and fix it.  I should have dropped it off last night when my co-worker drove me home, but I didn’t know where I could take it, and in the car, I just didn’t have the resources to figure it out.  Anyway, my brother in law said he would help me tonight.  So I should have it back tomorrow night, I hope.  And then I will not be flat any longer!

Here are some things that I learned today.

1) Motorcycles are heavy.  Very heavy.  Even more so when trying to load one onto, or off of a truck.

2) Motorcycles move easier when ridden, not pushed.  One the same line.  It is easier to control the bike when only one person is pushing, not four.

3) I have some great co-workers who really helped me out when needed.  Thanks!

I could have made all sorts of bad musical ‘notes’ about ‘b’-ing flat in this post.  For your sake, reader, I did not.  Until now. Almost made it, but I couldn’t help it.